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Numerology | How Numbers Can Shape Your Life | Best Numerologist

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Numerology | How Numbers Can Shape Your Life.


Refers to the belief in a sacred and mystical connection between numbers and their corresponding events. Numerology deals with the numerical value of names, words, and ideas. The most important day in your life in terms of numerology is the day you were born, known as the birthday number (Mulank). Your life path number (Bhagyank) is calculated by adding your date of birth (day, month, and year). In other words, numerology is an occult science that examines the relationship between numbers and physical or living things. According to some who believe in numbers, numbers greatly influence relationships, work, health, success, and marriage in general. According to numerology, here are some ways numbers can shape your life:

Birthday Number(Mulank)

Numerology numbers associate traits and qualities that are specific to different numbers. For example, if your numerology chart shows that a certain number is important in your life, it means that you have a corresponding personality related to that number. These qualities can shape your character, your behavior, and your way of life.

Life Path Number(Bhagyank)

Numerology suggests that your date of birth can be reduced to a single number, known as your life path number. It is believed that this number will reveal your life goals, personality, and potential challenges. It can provide information about your career choices, and relationships, and provide direction in your life.


By comparing numbers from birth dates or names, numerologists believe they can determine the degree of compatibility or compatibility between people. This can apply to romantic relationships, friendships, or even business partnerships.

Timing and Cycles

Numerology suggests that numbers can help determine favorable times for certain actions or decisions. By examining personal numbers related to specific periods, such as personal years, personal months, or days, numerology claims to provide guidance on when to take action, make changes, or wait for better opportunities.

Name and Business Numerology

The vibrations associated with numbers can affect the success and strength of a name and business. By assigning numerical values to letters and calculating the numerical value of a name or business name, numerology can provide insight into the results or energies associated with them. And the Name and Business Numerology should be compatible with your date of birth. You can check by contacting the best numerologist and get to know your real purpose in your life.

Now the question is who can be considered as best numerologist? The best numerologist acts as a guide who can help you plan your future, check the frequency and vibration in your name. Is your name aligned to your date of birth.

The best numerologist will create a roadmap that you can follow and is ready to support in every step of your life. They can guide you but you need to be ready to accept their guidance and follow the remedies. They will help you to energise your planets and many more aspects.

In order to know more you can always contact us and we would be happy to help you.

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