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  • The Seven Chakra Bracelet is believed to balance the energy centres in the body, promoting overall well-being.
  • Wearing the bracelet helps align the seven chakras, enhancing harmony and balance in mind, body, and soul.
  • Each chakra corresponds to different aspects of health, and balancing them with the bracelet is thought to support physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.
  • By aligning the chakras, the bracelet can help release negative energy and promote positivity and optimism.
  • Wearing the Seven Chakra Bracelet increases awareness of one's energy flow and helps individuals connect more deeply with themselves and their surroundings.
  • Supports meditation: Many find that wearing the bracelet enhances their meditation practice, facilitating a deeper sense of relaxation and focus.

Seven Chakra Bracelet: Your Path to Balance and Harmony

₹1,000.00 Regular Price
₹750.00Sale Price
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