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About Us

Rajshri Ka Shastra

I help Individuals, Business Owners, working professionals to find their inner strength and pursue their passion so that they can live the purposeful life they have been meant for without wasting their Years of time doing the things that they hate or they don’t like by my simple ATN (Awaken, Transform and Navigate) method.

Our Services


Name Spelling Corrections

Name Spelling Corrections

Name Numerology without changing anything on document.

Business Name & Partnership

Business Name & Partnership

Select best compatible name and partner as per your date of birth.

Vaastu Consultant


Vaastu is a science that deals with the impacts of Electro Magnetic Frequency.

Phone Number Analysis

Mobile Number Correction

Know what mobile number is best for you and your business as per your date of birth.

Signature Analysis


Discover the Hidden Language of Your Signature - Unveil Your Personality, Potential, and Future.

Marriage Compatibility Consultancy

Marriage Compatibility

Select a best compatible partner as per your date of birth and some remedies.

Handwriting analysis for Prosperity

Handwriting Analysis for Prosperity

Discover the Hidden Keys to Success Through Handwriting Analysis.

Baby Name Numerology

Baby Name Numerology

Discover the Perfect Name for Your Little Miracle as per him/her date of birth.

Our Vision
Our Vision

To deliver world-class services to our customers without comparing it after service. Numerology helps us to know our mission and purpose in life. If you know your purpose, you can navigate your life with ease.

Our Mission
Our Mission

To satisfy our customer needs, with the help of the latest technology through continuously developing our services. Our mission is to make a positive change in people’s lives by providing them accurate predictions and training in Numerology and Vaastu.

Our Features
Our Features
  • Team of Professional Experts. 

  • Explanation in simple language. 

  • Non expensive and free remedies that works like a miracle.

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Our Clients 


Precise prediction thy name is Rajarshhi H Nandy! Immensely gifted in his art with vast knowledge of his science. An expert in astro-numerology, his inputs have been beneficial to me and many other friends too who have taken his consultation. I would recommend all those who want their numbers to give them more success to take his consultation once, implement them, and see the difference.

An profile image of Mr Santosh Hariharan.

Santosh Hariharan

(DMIT Consultant)

It was wonderful experience with Rajarshhi H NandySir, who gave me the correct information and direction for future growth through his knowledge of Numerology. He is the most talented Numerologist.

An profile image of Mr Lalit Papdiwal.

Lalit Papdiwal

I have strengthened my faith in Rajarshhi H Nandy readings with his previous reading being true for me. I would like to thank him for the help and guidance. He is authentic, did an accurate reading and gave me very effective solutions. Believe me, it works. It worked like magic to me. This is my special recommendation for Rajarshhi . He is very positive and passionate to help others. I have followed his suggestions duly and with full trust and believe which have given me excellent results. I wish him all the very best and definitely, he is the best numerologist I have met.

 An profile image of Mrs Kanika Goel.

Kanika Goel

I recently had the privilege of experiencing RKshastra's Numerology Services, and I must say that the insights I gained have left me thoroughly impressed. As someone who has always been intrigued by the hidden meanings behind numbers, I was excited to explore this ancient art under the expert guidance of RKshastra.

The numerology reading I received was incredibly insightful. RKshastra's analysis of my birthdate and name provided a comprehensive view of my personality traits, strengths, challenges, and life path. The accuracy with which they delved into various aspects of my life was uncanny and left me contemplating the profound connections between numbers and our existence.

An profile image of Mrs Ritu Tuljapurkar.

Ritu Tuljapurkar

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