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Prosperity Sciences provides Numerology, Astrology, meditation, law of attraction and healing to raise your frequency.

Mr. Rajarshhi H Nandy, based in Pune and Kolkata, is a well-known practitioner of Occult Science. With over 21 years of corporate experience, he has collaborated with major software companies. Additionally, he brings a decade of expertise, serving a clientele of over 1000+ individuals worldwide. As the director of the ISO 9001:2015 certified RKShastra company, he holds a position of distinction within Business Network International (BNI).

His current focus is a mission to assist over 100,000 individuals in discovering their inner potential through the application of Numbers, Vaastu, and Handwriting. Mr. Nandy specializes in services such as Baby Name Numerology, Corporate Training, Business Name selection, Signature Analysis, Personal Numerology Consultation, Business Partner Compatibility, and Marriage Compatibility.

Furthermore, he has conducted numerous corporate training sessions with reputable companies. Supported by a team of experts including Astrologers, Reiki Healers, Pranic Healers, and Past Life Regression specialists, Mr. Nandy is dedicated to providing valuable insights and guidance.

Director Mr. Rajarshhi H Nandy

Our company is based in India that strives to provide high quality and affordable services to our customers. We help you to identify challenges and define gaps so that we can evaluate and develop a plan for long-term success by cost-effective and outcome-oriented solutions that will help you navigate your life as the captain of your own ship.  Our predictions will act as a GPS where you will get to know the icebergs beforehand, so that you can take precautions and overcome your ship from dashing through the icebergs. I believe now you can understand that your ship is your life and the icebergs is the challenges and obstacles that you face in your journey. I am a student of famous Numerologist and Vaastu Coach Arviend Sud, Expert Tarot and Vaastu coach Kartik Mukherjee, expert LOA coach Mitesh Khatri Vaastu expert Nirmal Shah, Handwriting Expert Imran Baig and expert Business Coaches like Bhupendra Singh Raothod and Sneh Desai.

As stated in our sacred books, that if you gain control over our mind we can definitely gain success in the fields of Health, Wealth, Career and Relationships. If you are really serious then you can book an appointment with our renowned healing expert Rajarshhi H Nandy (Mohit) to know your purpose and lead a wonderful life.

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Meet The Team

About Mr. Rajarshhi H Nandy

Mr. Rajarshhi H Nandy,

Numerologist and Vaastu Expert

Mr. Dwwaipayan Chakraborty team RkShastra

Dwwaipayan Chakraborty

Numerologist and Vaastu Expert

 Devoshri Nandy team RKShastra

Devoshri Nandy

Astrologer and Scientific Logo Analyst

eshwari Team RKShastra


Tarot Card Expert

*Note : We Provide Scientific Numerology, Vaastu and Handwriting Analysis Only.
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