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Name Spelling Correction

RKShastra, under the guidance of Mr. Rajarshhi H Nandy, offers a specialized service for Name Spelling Correction. This service delves into the profound impact that a correctly spelled name can have on an individual's life. By analyzing the vibrations and energies associated with different letters, the practitioner ensures that your name aligns harmoniously with your life path, enhancing positive influences and mitigating potential challenges.

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Name Spelling Correction by RkShastra
Business Name & Partnership Consultancy


Enhance the success of your business venture with RKShastra's expertise in Business Name and Partnership analysis. Mr. Rajarshhi H Nandy applies occult science principles to evaluate the vibrations and energies associated with business names and partnerships. This service assists in choosing a name that resonates positively in the business realm, fostering prosperity and compatibility among partners.

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Uncover the hidden energies within your personal or business life by availing RKShastra's Phone Number Correction service. Mr. Rajarshhi H Nandy utilizes occult science to analyze the vibrational frequencies linked to phone numbers. A harmoniously aligned phone number can contribute to improved communication, positive connections, and overall well-being.

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Mobile Number Correction by Mr. Rajarshhi H Nandy
Signature Analysis by RKShastra


Explore the mystical realm of Signature Analysis with RKShastra. Mr. Rajarshhi H Nandy applies occult insights to decipher the energies embedded in your signature. This service aims to ensure that your signature resonates positively with your goals and aspirations, aligning your personal energy with the universe for increased success and fulfillment.

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RKShastra's Marriage Compatibility service, curated by Mr. Rajarshhi H Nandy, combines ancient wisdom with contemporary insights. By examining the astrological and energetic compatibility between partners, this service provides valuable guidance for individuals seeking a harmonious and fulfilling marital union. Discover the cosmic energies at play in your relationship for a blissful journey together.

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Marriage Compatibility
Handwriting Analysis for prosperity by Mr. Rajarshhi H Nandy


Handwriting Analysis for Prosperity by RKShastra, guided by Mr. Rajarshhi H Nandy, delves into stroke dynamics, pressure points, size, spacing, margins, alignment, signature, and numerology. It optimizes these elements to create a handwriting profile that aligns with prosperity. The service empowers individuals to make subtle adjustments, harmonizing their unique energies and attracting success in their financial journey.

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Welcoming a new life into the world? Ensure a positive start with RKShastra's Baby Name Numerology service. Mr. Rajarshhi H Nandy utilizes numerological principles to suggest names that resonate with the unique energy and destiny of your child. This service aims to provide a name that sets the stage for a prosperous and harmonious life journey for your little one.

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Baby name numerology
An image of Vastu Circle.


Vaastu is a science that deals with the impacts of Electro Magnetic Frequency, Gravitational Force and cosmic energy in our own property on our mind, body and soul. If we can maintain the balance in energy that is generated in our surroundings then we can see prosperity in our life. 

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“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are.”

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