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How quickly will I see results after your consultation?

    The timing of results varies because each chart and property is unique. We'll discuss the specific timeframe during your individual consultation.

  • How much does a Vaastu Consultation cost?

    The fees depend on the scope of the work, but rest assured, I offer excellent service at a reasonable price.
  • Can Numerology and Vaastu work for me?
    Absolutely! Numerology and Vaastu are ancient sciences that can help you lead a better life by bringing in wealth, health, happiness, and overall well-being. They also help you understand yourself better and boost your personality.
  • Are the suggested remedies costly?

    No, the remedies I suggest are both effective and affordable.

  • Can Numerology and Vaastu solve my issues?

    Actually, it's a common myth that experts in astrology, numerology, or vaastu can magically fix your problems. Instead, these practices can help you unlock your inner potential using scientific principles. This empowerment can help you tackle life's challenges more effectively.
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